All Star System 7 Leg Guard 12-16 Ro

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Simply put, these are the best leg guards ever developed. Inspired by motocross leg guards, the LINQ™ pivoting hinge allows a catcher to strap these on and completely forget about them. When blocking and running down the basepath, the S7 AXIS™ leg guards move hand in hand with how legs bend.

• LINQ™ hinge system for the best mobility
• Single top strap remains behind thigh without dropping behind back of the knee
• Reinforced front double knee protector straps for added durability for indoor workouts
• Wider and smoother knee for better pivoting and sliding
• Repositionable center knee pads with D3O® padding
• Diamond vents line the back for even more weight reduction and breathability
• Stainless steel matte black hardware
• LENGTH: 14.5"

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