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Make the most of every drill during fielding practice with the Bownet® Coaches Fungo Bat. In order to give your players the most reps, you need to be able to hit grounders and fly balls on a consistent basis. A fungo bat is specifically designed for making contact on balls that are tossed in the air instead of pitched balls. This means you can give players a good ball to field every time so they're not standing around. It also saves pitcher's arms so they can do their regular drills without feeling worn out. Bownet makes high-quality fungo training bats for players who truly want to have an all-around game.

No season is truly underway with at least one fungo bat in your equipment bag - so make it one from the industry leader in baseball and softball training gear. Our 35-inch fungo bats are made of poplar wood that is flexible yet durable. At 16 ounces in weight with a 2.25-inch barrel, these bats allow coaches to hit balls repeatedly with accuracy. Slap hot shots to the corners, bounce a double-play grounder up the middle or send outfielders to track a fly ball. Defense matters, too, and your players can develop an elite fielding game in a short amount of time when they're constantly peppered by the right hits.

Help your players train like a pro by using the best fungo bat everything they take the field. Not only are these sleek fungo bats the highest quality lumber available, but they also come in more than a dozen colors to add some fun to practice. Instead of using a boring plain wood bat, hear the satisfying crack of a blue, red, dark green or orange fungo bat that everyone will recognize as yours. We sell bats patterned after state and country flags along with digi-hex bats. Turn more hits into outs by preparing your players using the best training equipment. PLAY ANYWHERE.

Note: Wood Bat Restrictions Apply (hit with label up or the label down)


  • 2 1/4" barrel
  • Poplar wood
  • Ultra light - 16-ounce weight drop
  • 35" Length

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