100% HYPERCRAFT XS Replacement Lens - Smoke

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Elevate your performance on the baseball field with the Smoke HYPERCRAFT® XS Replacement Lens. Tailored specifically for baseball enthusiasts, this lens combines enhanced playability with reliable clarity and protection for the eyes.


  • Glare Reduction: The Smoke lens minimizes bright light interference while maintaining a sleek, classic look.
  • Clear Vision Advantage: Ensures sharp visibility, crucial for catching fly balls and fielding grounders effectively.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials to withstand intense gameplay.
  • Perfect Fit: Easily integrates with HYPERCRAFT® XS sunglasses, providing a secure fit for consistent in-game performance.

Light Transmission: 17%

Lens Filter: Cat 3

Lens Type: Base

Opt for the Smoke HYPERCRAFT® XS Replacement Lens for heightened clarity and sophistication on the field, ensuring an optimal gameplay experience in any weather condition.

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