100% HYPERCRAFT SQ Polycarbonate Replacement Lens - HiPER Red Multilayer Mirror

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Elevate your baseball performance with the revolutionary HYPERCRAFT® SQ Polycarbonate Replacement Lens, boasting the advanced HiPER® Red Multilayer Mirror technology. Designed for players who prioritize visual excellence and style, this lens is poised to make you shine on the field.

Enhanced Features for a Superior Game:

  • HiPER® Red Multilayer Mirror Technology: Offers sharp, high-contrast vision under diverse field lighting while adding a vibrant flair to your eyewear.
  • Consistent Clarity and Focus: Enjoy immaculate clarity and focus, allowing for peak performance during plays.
  • Tough Polycarbonate Material: Built to endure the physicality of baseball and provide lasting protection.
  • Snug Fit and Easy Setup: Integrates smoothly with HYPERCRAFT® sunglasses for stress-free installation and secure usage.

Light Transmission: 24%

Lens Filter: Cat 2

Lens Type: HiPER

Transform your game with sharper vision and a designer look using the HYPERCRAFT® SQ Polycarbonate Replacement Lens featuring HiPER® Red Multilayer Mirror technology, ensuring clear visibility and a standout performance in all weather conditions.

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