100% HYPERCRAFT XS Nose Bridge - Matte Black

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Replacement nose bridge that fits HYPERCRAFT® XS.

Transform your baseball eyewear with the Matte Black HYPERCRAFT® XS Nose Bridge, a seamless blend of stylish design and functional comfort, tailored specifically for the dedicated player who values both.


  • Custom-Fitted Comfort: Conforms snugly to your nose for uninterrupted focus and a comfortable feel.
  • Elegant Matte Finish: The Matte Black hue adds a sleek and sophisticated edge to your sportswear ensemble.
  • Stay-in-Place Assurance: Designed to hold your sunglasses steady, no matter how dynamic the play.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Pops into place effortlessly, complementing the HYPERCRAFT® XS sunglasses frame.
  • Lightweight Durability: Constructed from high-grade materials to ensure durability without the extra weight.
  • Extended Wear Comfort: Thoughtfully crafted to provide prolonged comfort, keeping you at ease inning after inning.

Donning the Matte Black HYPERCRAFT® XS Nose Bridge means stepping up to the plate with confidence, ready to meet each pitch with clarity and control, under any sky.

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