100% HYPERCRAFT XS Polycarbonate Replacement Lens - Dark Purple

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The striking Dark Purple HYPERCRAFT® XS Replacement Lens will enhance your baseball eyeglasses. This replacement lens is made for baseball fans who appreciate both elegance and utility, and it will improve your eyesight on the pitch.

On the pitch, the Dark Purple hue ensures great vision in a variety of lighting settings by adding a powerful flash of colour and improving contrast and clarity. With its remarkable clarity and precision, this lens lets you track fly balls in the outfield and field grounders in the infield with ease, enabling you to stay focused and play at your best.

This replacement lens is designed to work seamlessly with HYPERCRAFT® XS sunglasses. It is simple to install and fits securely, ensuring dependable performance all during the game. Its long-lasting comfort is guaranteed by its lightweight and sturdy design, which makes it the ideal addition to complement your baseball eyewear.

With the Dark Purple HYPERCRAFT® XS Replacement Lens, you may enjoy improved style and performance on the baseball pitch. With this new lens, you may play baseball in the sun or in overcast skies with the best visibility and clarity possible for a memorable game.

Light Transmission: 16%

Lens Filter: Cat 3

Lens Type: Base

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