100% HYPERCRAFT XS Polycarbonate Replacement Lens - HiPER Crimson Silver Mirror

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Revolutionize your game with the advanced HYPERCRAFT® XS Replacement Lens, now featuring the superior HiPER® Crimson Silver Mirror technology. Crafted for baseball players who demand excellence in vision and dramatic on-field presence, this lens promises an unmatched visual advantage.


  • HiPER® Crimson Silver Mirror Technology: Amplifies contrast and enhances clarity for optimal visibility in variable lighting conditions.
  • Unmatched Precision: Provides crystal-clear vision that allows you to track the ball effortlessly, whether catching fly balls or fielding grounders.
  • Custom-Fit Integration: Snaps in easily with HYPERCRAFT® XS sunglasses for a secure and flawless fit.
  • Built to Last: Features durable yet lightweight materials for sustained comfort and resilience.

Light Transmission: 24%

Lens Filter: Cat 2

Lens Type: HiPER

Equip yourself with the HYPERCRAFT® XS Replacement Lens boasting HiPER® Crimson Silver Mirror technology, and experience unrivaled clarity and improved play in all weather, from bright sunshine to cloudy conditions.

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