100% HYPERCRAFT XS Polycarbonate Replacement Lens - Low-Light Yellow Silver Mirror

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Boost your baseball eyewear game with the revolutionary HYPERCRAFT® XS Replacement Lens, equipped with the high-performing Low-Light Yellow Silver Mirror technology. Tailored for players seeking enhanced vision during difficult lighting conditions, this lens is poised to escalate your gameplay.


  • Low-Light Yellow Silver Mirror Technology: Optimized for crisp vision even in low lighting, enhancing contrast and depth perception on the field.
  • Peak Clarity and Precision: Delivers exemplary sharpness, helping you maintain focus and excel in your game from stadium lights to twilight plays.
  • Perfect Fit for HYPERCRAFT® XS: Engineered for a quick and secure installation with your HYPERCRAFT® XS sunglasses.
  • Comfort and Strength Combined: Offers sustained comfort with a design that's both lightweight and durable.

Light Transmission: 56%

Lens Filter: Cat 1

Lens Type: Mirror

Step up to the plate with confidence using the HYPERCRAFT® XS Replacement Lens featuring Low-Light Yellow Silver Mirror technology, and experience superior visibility and performance under any lighting on the baseball diamond.

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