Force 3 hockey Style Defender Mask black

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This finely tuned mechanical device has been masterfully engineered, tried, tested, and unconditionally trusted by players and umpires at every level around the world. An Official Catcher’s Mask Partner of the MLBPA, FORCE3 Pro Gear is seen all over the major leagues and is permanently enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame where it is proudly recognized as the first real evolution to the catcher’s mask in over 100 years.

It's time that you joined the movement and start using:

The one with the springs.


  • Patented dual mask system combines with S3 Shock Suspension System to significantly reduce the force of frontal impacts and maximize force distribution
  • SEI/NOCSAE CERTIFIED - Independently tested by one of four National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) approved testing facilities in the world, meeting all standards
  • NOCSAE tests showed that the Force3 Defender Mask drastically reduced G-Force levels from 70mph softball and 100mph baseball impacts, and established the Defender as the clear-cut leader in sports equipment safety.
  • Hybrid hollow and solid steel cage is incredibly strong and lightweight, making it our lightest and most protective hockey style mask ever
  • Powder coated cage is constructed with large eye opening for an unrestricted view of the field
  • Patented forehead extension exclusive to Force3 Hockey Style Defender Mask is engineered to redirect impact from your head
  • Chin pad is lined in Dupont™ Kevlar™. It's an integral part of Force3 Pro Gear’s Patented S3 Shock Suspension System for ultimate force dispersion
  • Highly-engineered and tested high-impact memory foam surrounds the Kevlar™ for ultimate comfort
  • BUILT TO LAST – Padding is covered with synthetic leather while shell and backplate are constructed with proprietary impact-resistant PVC, lined with Dupont™ Kevlar™ for long-lasting protection
  • Top-grade genuine leather insert holds mask pad firmly in place and increases breathability where mask touches skin
  • Ventilated with 24 strategically placed airflow vents for maximum comfort
  • Additional safety strap keeps mask secure when unsnapped

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