Bownet Ballast Weighted Training ball (12”) w/ Seams single

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Ballast Bomb Weighted Training Balls

Transform your game with a set of ballast-weighted balls for baseball and softball drills. We know from experience that you'll only go so far tossing regulation baseballs or hitting the gym, which is why we've developed our own Bownet® heavy trainer balls to combine weight training with practical on-field work for better results. By adding resistance to your normal hitting and throwing motions, you'll build strength and improve your hitting power - a lethal combo that will be handy come gameday.

At Bownet, we carry the gear you need to Train like a Pro, which is why we offer multiple options of Ballast Bomb Weighted Training Balls to choose from. Our nine-inch ballast baseballs and 12-inch weighted softballs are regulation-size, but weigh 15 oz. and 18 oz., respectively - that's nearly three times as much as a normal ball. The Bownet Bomb Ball really packs a wallop at 18 inches in circumference and a 32 oz. weight. Each of our weighted balls have raised seams for a realistic grip and provides instant hitting feedback with aluminum or wood bats. The balls are a bright "Bownet Orange" color, which is easy to see on the field and helps set them apart from other trainers. Get a single ballast ball or a multi-pack and Play Anywhere, Play Now, Play Bownet.

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