Evoshield G2S Baseball Catchers Gear Kit Adult

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Color: Black
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Everything you need behind the plate in one kit. This G2S Catcher's Gear Kit features leg guards, a catcher's helmet and an SEI-certified chest protector.

Playing backstop is serious business. That's why the EvoShield Baseball Catcher's Gear Kit equips you with head-to-toe protection to stay safe all season. Made for baseball players of every skill level, this kit includes our Pro-SRZ Solid Catcher's Helmet, Pro-SRZ Catcher's Upper and Lower Leg Guards and a brand-new chest protector that is certified by SEI to the NOCSAE® standard for Commotio Cordis for all levels of play. Our catcher's helmet features a padding system with moisture-wicking fabric to optimize comfort and a steel facemask designed to keep your eye on the ball. The chest protector comes with two extra pieces of black hook-and-loop fabric that you can embroider for a customized look and a third piece of hook-and-loop fabric that features a USA flag. The two-piece leg guard system can be adjusted up or down by two inches, and the lower leg guards are made of our Gel-to-Shell® Technology that molds to you like a glove and disperses impact energy.

The adult size kit comes with a size L/XL helmet which fits hat sizes 7" – 7 1/2"

  • Gel-to-Shell® Technology- Air activated material that transforms the guard from a malleable gel into a customized, form-fitting shield
  • Dispersion Technology- For personalized fit and maximum protection
  • Custom Molding Gear- All Gel-to-Shell products give the player a truly customized, one-to-one fit
  • SEI Certified To Meet The Catcher's Helmet NOCSAE Standard- Catcher's Helmet is SEI Certified to Meet the NOCSAE Standard
  • Adjustable Length- Guard can be lengthened or shortened up to 2" for a custom fit
  • Two-Piece Leg Guard System- Lower Leg Guard made of Gel-to-Shell™ Technology molds directly to your shin. The Upper leg guard attaches with a hook-and-loop strap and is adjustbable by 2" up or down. Together these make a revolutionary leg guard system that is lighter than traditional leg guards and fits like a glove.
  • Advanced Knee Support- Knee padding engineered with comfort foam to keep your knees in place and provide cushion on the toughest position on the field.
  • Customizable Neckroll- Comes with 3 extra Velcro® patches that adhere to the neckroll. Two black patches can be embroidered with your name, and a USA patch can be worn for any occasion.
  • SEI Certificate To Meet The Chest Protector NOCSAE Standard- Chest Protector is SEI Certified to Meet the Commotio Cordis NOCSAE® Standard for heart protection

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