Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Series 11.5" Tan/Navy

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Elevate your infield performance with the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series 11.5" Baseball Glove (Tan). Designed for adult players, this glove features the iconic Heart of the Hide® leather, celebrated for its exceptional durability and ability to shape to a perfect pocket, providing superior control and precision.

The 11.5-inch size is ideal for infielders seeking quick transfers and excellent ball handling. The classic tan color not only adds a timeless, professional look but also assures long-term reliability on the field. Part of the esteemed Heart of the Hide Series, this glove guarantees maximum performance, making it a first choice for elite athletes.


  • Premium Heart of the Hide® Leather: Renowned for its exceptional durability and custom pocket formation
  • Optimal Size: 11.5 inches, perfect for quick ball transfers and superior control
  • Professional Quality: Trusted by advanced players for unmatched performance
  • Timeless Color: Tan for a classic, professional appearance
  • Optimal for Infielders: Ideal design for enhancing infield defense

Maximize your infield defense and play with confidence using the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series 11.5" Baseball Glove. Experience the premium quality and performance that only Rawlings can provide, ensuring you consistently play at your best on the field.

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