Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Series First Base Mitt 12.5" Black LHT

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 Take your first base defense to the next level with the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series First Base Mitt 12.5" Baseball Glove - Black. Specifically engineered for adult players, this first base mitt features the legendary Heart of the Hide® leather, known for its unmatched durability and exceptional ability to form the perfect pocket.

The 12.5-inch size ensures optimal coverage and quick ball handling, making it an excellent choice for serious first basemen. The classic black color adds a professional and sleek appearance on the field. This glove is equipped with a Modified Pro H web, providing enhanced stability and control during play. Trusted by elite players, the Heart of the Hide Series is synonymous with superior quality and performance.


  • Premium Heart of the Hide® Leather: Renowned for its extreme durability and ability to form the perfect pocket
  • Optimal Size: 12.5 inches, providing excellent coverage and quick ball handling
  • Professional Quality: Preferred by advanced players for unmatched performance
  • Left Hand Throw (LHT): Specifically designed for left-hand throwers
  • Classic Color: Black for a sleek and professional look
  • Glove Web: Modified Pro H for enhanced stability and control

Upgrade your defensive game and play with confidence with the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series First Base Mitt. Experience the top-tier quality and performance that only Rawlings can deliver, ensuring you are always at your best on the field.

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