Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Series First Base Mitt 12.5" Black RHT

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 Enhance your defensive skills with the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series First Base Mitt 12.5" Baseball Glove - Black. Ideal for adult players, this first base mitt is crafted from the iconic Heart of the Hide® leather, celebrated for its incredible durability and its ability to form the perfect pocket over time.

The 12.5-inch glove size delivers superior coverage and facilitates quick and secure ball handling, making it the perfect mitt for competitive first basemen. The sophisticated black color offers a timeless and professional look on the field. Designed with a Modified Pro H web, this glove enhances stability and control during play. Favored by elite players, the Heart of the Hide Series stands for premium quality and peak performance.


  • Premium Heart of the Hide® Leather: Known for its durability and perfect pocket formation
  • Optimal Size: 12.5 inches, providing excellent coverage and quick ball handling
  • Professional Quality: Trusted by advanced players for superior performance
  • Right Hand Throw (RHT): Specifically designed for right-hand throwers
  • Classic Color: Black for a sleek and professional look
  • Glove Web: Modified Pro H for enhanced stability and control

Step up your game and play with confidence using the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series First Base Mitt. Experience the unparalleled quality and performance that only Rawlings can offer, ensuring you are always at the top of your game on the field.

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