Rawlings Mach AI 2025 -10 USA

RawlingsSKU: 198308002861

Size: 28"
Sale price$199.99


 Get faster swing speeds in USA baseball with the Mach Ai USA hybrid baseball bat! Powered by our patent-pending Ai-generated barrel design, each quarter-inch of this bat is optimized for harmony between pop, swing weight, and forgiveness to create a bat that's easy to swing and massively powerful.

 On top of that, the carbon composite end cap removes weight from the end of the bat and focuses more in the sweet spot, giving you faster swings that pack more of a punch than traditional one-piece bats. Versatile enough to be used for bomb-droppers and contact hitters, the Mach Ai is the ultimate cheat code for USA baseball.

Get your 2025 Rawlings Mach Ai USA baseball bat now!

  • Bat Grip: RevGrip 
  • Age:12 & Under
  • Bat Drop -10

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