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Work on your fast pitch prowess by using Bownet® 4-seam training softballs during bullpen sessions. Our 12-inch Pitch Trainer spinner balls assist with developing or correcting spin on curveballs, drop balls, backdoor curves and even fastballs. They have two flat sides with raised seams so players can focus on technique. The black centerline shows whether you've put the correct rotation on your pitch- if you can see this black line as the ball flies through the air, then it's spinning the way it should. A spinner softball also helps with overall grip and control so players can locate their pitches.

These flat-sided softball practice balls are a must for young pitchers just learning how to throw breaking pitches. Experienced players use them as well to diagnose potential problems that have crept into their throwing motion. The 4-Seam Flat Spinner is manufactured to game-quality with a genuine leather cover. Since the design automatically provides feedback, pitchers can have a productive solo session anywhere. Train Like a Pro with Bownet training softballs that help players reach an elite level and stay there.

The Flat Spinner is perfect for pitchers of all ages looking to develop their spin.

The 4-Seam Flat Spinner is a pitcher's training aid that helps improve grip, develop spin, and increases overall pitch control. PLAY ANYWHERE.

  • Raised Seams
  • Real Leather cover softball with flat sides to focus on spinning the ball.
  • The black centerline is used to indicate correct spin and rotation on every pitch.

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