Stringking Metal Pro USA 30/20

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The StringKing Metal Pro USABat aluminum alloy baseball bat combines premium materials and superior manufacturing to deliver a powerful baseball bat with consistent performance.

Maximum diameter. The StringKing Metal Pro USABat features the maximum allowable barrel diameter at 2 ?", giving you the best chance to make clean, powerful contact with the baseball on every swing.

Maximum consistency. Premium materials and precise manufacturing give Metal Pro USABat a big, powerful sweet spot that will hold up over the life of your bat and deliver consistent performance every time you step up to the plate.

Balanced performance. The weight distribution of our Metal Pro USABat delivers versatile performance with the powerful swing of an end-loaded bat and the fast hands of a more balanced bat.

From kids to teens. Built for ages 6 to 12, the Metal Pro USABat is designed for the budding player looking to hone their skills in little league before moving upwards and onwards.

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